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How An Orangery Can Help To Sell Your House

Dec 20, 2022 | Orangery

Creating a beautiful, bespoke orangery is a fantastic way to improve your property. Not only does it give you a fantastic space to enjoy but, when you are ready to sell your house, it can be a big help! Let’s explore some of the reasons why.


This may seem like an obvious point, but it is still worth mentioning! An orangery creates a highly attractive focal point, especially when topped with an effortlessly stylish roof lantern.When looking to buy a house, of course buyers need to use their heads, but it’s always good to appeal to their hearts as well! A new orangery may be just the thing to have buyers falling in love with your property, getting those offers rolling in!


One great thing about an orangery is that it can be used in all kinds of ways and at any time of the year, plus, our bespoke designs mean that you can have control over the size of the structure. Great for you and great for attracting buyers! When trying to sell your house, you can keep the orangery lightly furnished, allowing viewers to envision what they will do with the space. They may find it easier to get attached to the property when they can really see what they could use the space for.

Show Off The Garden

Have you got a beautiful garden that is just dying to be shown off? Well, an orangery is a perfect way to do that! If you have put lots of money into landscaping, or have acres of land (or both!), then why not make sure that potential buyers are well aware of it?! Letting them examine the outdoor space from the comfort of your new orangery is a great way to help to sell your house! Who isn’t looking for a lovely garden after all?

Give The Buyers What They Want!

Did you know that Rightmove tracks keywords that are searched on their website in order to see what features of a property are highly popular at certain times? One of their recent reports tells us that the amount of searches for the word ‘orangery’ has increased dramatically in the past year or so. In total, searches have increased by a huge 173%! To sell your house, you should try to work to give people what they want, and orangeries are just that!

Let Us Take You From Conception To Completion

When you choose Farrow and Jones to build your orangery, we cover every step of the process. This includes:
  • Design
  • Planning / permitted development approval
  • Building regulation acceptance
  • Structural calculations
  • All groundwork / foundations
  • Drainage
  • Brickwork / blockwork
  • Plastering / rendering
  • Structural openings (inc. structural calculations)
  • Complete installation of all orangery / conservatory components

Having every step of the process handled by a single company means you’ll have no subcontracting charges. Everyone involved in the project will be easily contactable and all the work can be guaranteed by us! Learn about the full process from this case study.

Get Ready To Sell Your House With Farrow And Jones!

Ready to sell your house?! Let us help to make your property highly desirable with a new orangery. Property development expert and interior designer, Rudolph Diesel, states that such additions are an ‘underrated’ way to increase the value of ‘any home’, by as much as 20%!

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