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How Much Does An Orangery Extension Cost?

May 9, 2023 | Orangery

Prospective clients often ask us, ‘How much does an orangery extension cost?’ and whilst we have been in the industry for years and have built hundreds of them, this is not a question that can be answered accurately without some more information. Our smallest, timber framed builds start at approximately £40,000, while a medium-sized orangery would start at £60,000 and a large one at £80,000. However, there are many factors that affect pricing, so read on to learn more.

Orangery Extension Cost: Factors To Consider

If you are already familiar with our business, you are probably aware that every single one of our orangeries is bespoke. This means that your unique build will be exactly what you are looking for! Unfortunately, this is the reason why we can’t give you an accurate quote without a better understanding of precisely what you would like. Before we provide you with information about your orangery extension cost, we will need to have a no-obligation conversation about the following:
Size and shape – We have already given you an idea of how size can have an impact on the cost of your orangery, however, shape is important too. Complex, unusual shapes or structures built around existing features may increase prices, although this isn’t always the case. We will be sure to work with you to find a style and cost that suits you!
Type of roof – A roof lantern gives your orangery a stunning focal point from both the inside and outside. You can learn more about them from this recent blog or on this page. We can complete your orangery with any size or shape of roof lantern that you would like.
Type of walls – If you have visited our online gallery, you will have seen that there are lots of differences between the types of walls that our orangeries have. Some are more glass, some brick, some wood, and we can build them however you like. You may also notice that some previous structures have been created to perfectly match the existing brickwork of the home as we can source the perfect materials to seamlessly blend in with your property!
Heating, electrics and plumbing – What will you be using your orangery for? The answer to this will impact upon what heating, electrics and plumbing you need. For example, an orangery kitchen would need to be fully plumbed in. Your orangery extension cost will be affected by these decisions, all you need to do is let us know what you would like!
Excavation and/or prep work – Before the build is started, we will need to make sure that the ground is ready and prepared for your new addition. The amount of work that this takes will be based on the current condition of the location, alongside the desired size of your orangery.

Let Us Estimate Your Orangery Extension Cost

We hope that this information has helped you to understand why we cannot give you a quote for your orangery extension cost without these questions, alongside others, being answered first. To get an accurate, competitive quote, please contact us on 01926 810 291. Whatever appearance, usage and price you have in mind, we can create something that suits you perfectly.

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