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Complete Your Home With A Modern Orangery

Feb 1, 2023 | Orangery

Orangeries have been a feature of some of the most beautiful homes in the world for hundreds of years. The first orangery can be traced all the way back to Padua, Italy in 1545! They began to spread across the rest of Europe in the 17th Century and changed and developed as they went. Whilst these structures are steeped in history, we have had many clients come to us looking for a modern orangery. Of course, as all of our designs are bespoke, this is something that we can deliver!

Creating A Modern Orangery

There are many things that you can do to give your orangery a modern appearance. Here are a few ideas that we can help you with:
Contrast your existing property – When we are creating traditional orangeries, we often source building materials that will perfectly match the existing property. However, if your tastes are more contemporary, you may consider materials that will contrast with your current home. We can give you a whole range to choose from and help to make them work for you.
Minimalist design – Ornate detailing can be a great way to finish classically styled orangeries, however, for a more modern orangery, a more minimalist design is more fitting. Keep it simple and stick to building materials/finishes in light colours and smooth textures.
Make the most of your windows – All orangeries use a considerable amount of glass, but you may choose to use more than the average build in order to achieve a contemporary look. We would suggest minimising framing and considering floor-to-ceiling windows. This will look fantastic and leave you with a wonderfully bright and airy space to enjoy.
Here are a couple of ideas that can help to complete your modern orangery:
Vertical radiators – Once the build is done, it’s time to get your heating sorted! Choosing vertical radiators is in keeping with the modern style and will minimise the horizontal wall space taken up.
Explore lighting options – In the daytime, your orangery will be flooded with natural light, but you will need to find lighting options for the evenings. This article in Ideal Home lists lighting trends that will be popular in 2023. For more 2023 home décor trends to look out for, you can read our recent blog.

How Do We Create Your Orangery?

The first step towards creating your modern orangery is for you to get in touch on 01926 810 291. This will give you the chance to let us know all of your design ideas and we can start to work out how we can make these a reality for you. If you are in need of a bit of inspiration, you can see some of our previous work in our online gallery or by visiting our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Once we’ve got all of your thoughts together, we’ll go away and get planning your beautiful new modern orangery! We’ll work with you to edit and refine the plans until you are 100% happy with your bespoke design. Once you’ve given us the go-ahead, we’ll present you with a week-by-week plan for the project and then get to work! Learn more about the steps involved here.