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Building An Orangery – Let’s Look At The Process

Sep 21, 2022 | Orangery

Perhaps we are more than just a little biased, but we truly believe that building an orangery is one of the best things that you can do to improve your home. Of course, it adds considerable value to the property (up to 15%), but it’s much more than that. It gives you a whole extra space to enjoy year-round, looks stunning, and brings the outdoors indoors, but without the cold and rain!
If you are interested in adding one of these incredible structures to your home, you may also be interested in how they are built. If so, read on…


Step one of building an orangery is to lay the foundations. Their job is to support buildings by distributing the weight evenly onto the soil or stone below. We will need to dig down a minimum of 100cm, depending on the ground, making these foundations a solid base for the new orangery construction.

Walls And Floor

The next step is for us to build the walls and lay the insulated subfloor. Your orangery is starting to take shape, but we still have a long way to go! Generally speaking, we are coming to the end of our second week on the job by now. However, this is only an approximation of the time it will take – all of our orangeries are bespoke, so it depends on the size and design you have chosen.

Frames And Roof

The third week of the job is likely to see us fitting the frames and the roof, which is when you can really start to get a sense of what the finished product will look like! This is an exciting part of building an orangery as the roof lantern is such an incredible feature.


The last step of building an orangery! Now that the structure is finished, it’s time for us to get plastering, and for the electrician and plumber to come in. We can organise this all for you, with workers that we trust, so that there’s no stress at your end. However, if you would prefer to bring in your own, you are more than welcome to do so instead.

Now, Over To You!

And that’s our job complete! Now it’s your turn… time to decorate! If you are looking for some inspiration, this article has a number of great ideas. If, like us, you love the outdoors, you may wish to fill your new space with plants. In a previous blog, we discussed which plants are best for this kind of environment. Remember, when decorating, that your orangery is suitable for use all year round. So, you don’t just need to focus on relaxing with the door open on summer afternoons, you can also plan for being snuggled up in there throughout the winter.

Ready For Us To Start Building An Orangery For You?

If you’re ready for us to start building an orangery for you, then the first step is for you to get in touch via our contact page.
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