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Bespoke Orangeries

Dec 13, 2022 | Orangery

Here at Farrow & Jones, we have years of experience creating bespoke orangeries. We work closely with our clients to give them exactly what they are looking for. If you visit our online gallery, you can see just how varied our past builds have been in terms of size, shape, material, style, and really any other parameter! Read on to learn more..

Hardwood And Aluminium Bespoke Orangeries

When designing the perfect orangery for you, one of the first decisions is whether you would like a hardwood or aluminium build. Both result in an exceptional finish, being both highly attractive and hardwearing, so it’s all down to your individual style!

Hardwood Orangeries – Opting for hardwood gives you a traditional extra space for your home, however, our orangeries go one step further than this. When designed and executed well, they can breathe new life into your property, enhancing both your home and garden.

Aluminium Orangeries – Choosing an aluminium orangery gives you a durable and contemporary structure. What’s more, we can either build the entire thing from scratch or renovate an existing structure. Our specialists not only create bespoke orangeries, but they can also organise any planning permission if necessary.

This article can help you to make the first decision between hardwood and aluminium.

Bespoke Orangeries Can Blend Seamlessly With Your Home

Creating a bespoke orangery allows us to blend the structure seamlessly with your home. We can replicate the existing style perfectly and source materials that match your current property, making it seem as though the orangery has always been a part of your home!
Alternatively, you could choose to create an orangery that contrasts your home. With Farrow & Jones, the choice is yours!

What Our Clients Say

Of course, we could talk about why our bespoke orangeries are fantastic all day long! However, we felt that maybe it would be best to hear from one of our many happy clients:
‘We can’t praise Dave, Steve and Mark more highly and being fussy clients there was nothing that we would have changed, with a professional and smooth process that was planned and executed with almost military precision. Dave was very attentive during the planning stage and listened carefully to our ideas. He offered many clever solutions based upon a good deal of experience and dealt with all the ordering, bureaucracy, drawings etc and was also hands-on during the build.’
  • Clive Bond
Choosing a company like us, who create bespoke orangeries all the time, allows you to be as fussy as you like with your build! We work very closely with our clients at every stage, allowing us to plan everything to the last detail, together. That’s what makes our creations truly bespoke, giving you precisely what you want!

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To learn more about the steps that go into our builds, you can read this case study which details one of our jobs from start to finish.

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