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Dine In Style In An Orangery Dining Room

Nov 28, 2022 | Orangery

A survey from the Food Standards Agency has found that ever since the pandemic, families have been eating together more frequently. So, now more than ever, you should be making sure that your dining room is looking its best! The pandemic also sparked an increase in entertaining at home and what better place to do so than in your orangery dining room?

Why Is It Good For Families To Eat Together?

Eating together as a family can have all kinds of benefits, such as:
Better Eating Habits – Eating together at home as a family can lead to better eating habits, this is because it is more likely that fruits and vegetables will be eaten and there will be less fast food!
Increased Psychological Health – This study shows that family dinners can help with psychological health. Issues such as eating disorders, substance abuse, violent behaviour, depression and even suicidal thoughts in adolescence are lower among those families who eat together. These benefits are even greater among young females.
Reduces Risk Of Obesity – A study from The Journal of Pediatrics has found a direct correlation between the number of shared family meals in adolescence and reduced risk of obesity 10 years later. This effect can be found when just one or two weekly meals are shared.
Improved Confidence – Children who eat meals with their parents are more confident as sitting down to discuss their day and being listened to can improve self-esteem.

Enjoyable – Lastly, eating together can be so much fun! It allows you to bond with your family and catch up with what they are up to! Plus, in an orangery dining room, the beautiful setting will be sure to put a smile on your face for years to come.

Why Choose To Entertain At Home?

There are also several benefits to choosing to entertain at home, these include:
It’s More Intimate – Instead of heading out for dinner with your friends, inviting them over to your beautiful home is a wonderful alternative. You are bound to feel more comfortable in your own home, things can be done to your schedule and in your own time. After all, a relaxed host will be sure to make everyone feel at ease. Inviting friends into your home allows them to see another part of you and it helps to cement relationships.

Create The Desired Ambience – The feel of the night is totally in your hands, sophisticated and stylish, quiet and peaceful, fun and wild, whatever you want, you can have! You do not need to spend your time searching for the perfect spot, you can create it. You can add touches to your orangery dining room that will be sure to impress your guests and create the perfect atmosphere.

Create Your Orangery Dining Room

Are you ready to start creating your own fantastic orangery dining room? Then get in touch! Our builds are all bespoke, allowing us to deliver exactly what you are looking for. Head over to our gallery to have a look at some of the orangeries we have completed. You can also read this case study to learn more about the process from start to finish.

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