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Love Your Home

Feb 9, 2023 | Orangery

As it’s Valentine’s Day, we thought we would ask you an important question – do you love your home? Enjoying living where you do is important for your well-being. If you have found yourself falling out of love with your current property, then an orangery may be the perfect thing to have you feeling like you did on the first day that you moved in.

Why Is It Important To Love Your Home?

A scientific study has found that our heart rate jumps up with the same happiness when we see or think about our home as it does when we call to mind our best friend or family pet! This kind of physiological response shows why it is important that you love your home because attachments of this nature are important for your mental well-being.
Your home is an important place for making memories. If these memories are tinged with the dislike of the property itself then you could be stuck with a negative feeling when you try to reminisce. Plus, you may be paying less attention to the memorable moments themselves. Who wants to try to recall a happy Christmas morning when the state of the house is what comes to the forefront of your mind?
If you don’t like where you live, you are more likely to treat the property poorly. This lack of upkeep then results in the house becoming even less appealing, which makes you dislike it more, and you’re quickly trapped in a vicious circle.
Finally, your home should be your sanctuary. It is a place for you to relax and recharge after a long, hard day. If you don’t love your home, it can be much more difficult to switch off and feel comfortable when you need to. This can result in increased anxiety and depression levels.

How Can An Orangery Help You To Love Your Home?

So, this Valentine’s Day why don’t you start thinking about how you can fall in love with your property all over again? An orangery is a fantastic way to bring back those loving feelings, let’s have a closer look at how…
Entertain with pride – A new orangery gives you somewhere to entertain with pride! Invite your friends and family over and show them the lovely new space that you have introduced. As well as the self-esteem boost, enjoying nights in having fun will have you appreciating your home again in no time!

Enjoy the natural light – Having a room that is bathed in natural light does not just look good, it can also help to improve your mood, making it easier for you to love your home! Years of research have gone into the psychology of architecture, and one thing that is found time and time again is that people feel more positive in a space with lots of natural light. It can help you to eat and sleep better, which will also have a positive impact on your appearance, giving you yet another little boost! You can find out more about the positives of exposure to natural light on our previous blog.

Introduce plants – An orangery gives you the perfect place to cultivate plants, and plants can improve concentration and productivity, keep the air fresh and reduce stress levels and boost your mood. Who could help but fall in love with a home that had you working more efficiently and feeling relaxed and chilled?! If you need some tips about which plants suit orangeries, you can find some here.

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