In one of our previous blogs, we briefly discussed the choice that many of our clients have made – to create an orangery kitchen. As this is such a popular addition to a home, we thought that we would explore it further! Read on to discover some points that we feel it is important to consider.

Creating A Flow

An orangery kitchen is a stylish and functional way to extend your home, but you need to make sure that there is cohesion between your new addition and your existing property. Here at Farrow & Jones, we create bespoke orangeries and no two are ever quite the same! This is because we tailor the design, size, shape and materials to your needs. Therefore, we can ensure that your orangery kitchen fits your house seamlessly! If desired, we can even update the existing facing to truly bring the design together!

With the design and build safe in our hands, you now have time to think about how to decorate a large, open plan orangery kitchen! Take your time to find the right fixtures, fittings and furniture for you. With the new structure itself merging so easily with the existing property, you could even think about introducing a totally new style when decorating! Alternatively, you could choose colours or pieces that match throughout the rest of your home and create a smooth flow.

Utilising Space 

One of the great things about an orangery kitchen is that it gives you the space to really spread out. Something a lot of our clients like to do is create distinct areas for different purposes. You can have a dining space, relaxation area, cocktail making station, or whatever suits you, all set out in one room. We think it’s also quite nice to have a kitchen island near the centre as it gives you a nice easy space to congregate around, even if just for a chat!

Inviting The Outdoors In

The amount of light that you get in an orangery kitchen is spectacular! The structure is unlike a conservatory in that it’s very much another full room within the home, but the large windows and roof lantern invites the outdoors indoors! Another way to do this is to add some plants. If you would like some advice on what greenery to choose, head over to our previous blog.

Using your orangery as an extension of your kitchen also means that summer barbecues aren’t the only time you will get to enjoy the outdoors whilst cooking and eating! A dining table underneath the roof lantern, in front of the large windows, will let you feel like you’re dining outside. This is fantastic on clear winter nights when you can look out at the sky and enjoy the stars without having to deal with the cold!

Create Your Orangery Kitchen

To learn more about the process of creating your dream kitchen, why not read this case study from one of our previous builds? It covers the whole process and gives lots of feedback from the satisfied clients. 

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