What do you think of when you think of Warwickshire? Shakespeare? Warwick Castle? The invention of rugby… in Rugby? Well, what we think of is orangeries, although, we’re nearly always thinking of them! There are a huge number of orangeries in Warwickshire and we are proud to have built many of the best of them!

Orangeries In Warwickshire Built By Us!

If you would like to see some of the orangeries in Warwickshire built by us, you can visit our online gallery. Of course, we complete work all around the country, so these are just a sample of some of our local favourites alongside those from other areas. 

Among the multitudes of builds we have completed, our Meyrick bespoke orangery is one that has drawn some of the most fantastic feedback.

This job was more complex than some others as it was an addition to a Grade II listed building. Therefore, the concept, elements of the design, materials used, finish and paint colours needed to be sourced from suppliers capable of matching the existing historic property. Fortunately, this is the kind of work that we specialise in!

In order to make the finished product easier to envision, David, Farrow & Jones’ owner, invited the clients to his own home to view his comparable orangery. This allowed them to go through every factor point by point and work out what features they would like for their own build and what they would like to be different. This kind of personal touch and openness is one of the many things that sets our business apart! The clients found this ‘terribly helpful’ as we then moved on to the design phase!

Creating an addition to a listed building is not something to be taken lightly, which is why we worked alongside the clients’ architect to ensure that our work would match up with theirs. Quality and collaboration delivered an orangery that our clients adore! 

In their words, ‘Dave and his team worked efficiently and with great care. His team were professional, friendly and tidy, and the Orangery went up very quickly. Nothing was too much, everything was executed with great care and he did not sign off the project until we were absolutely happy with all aspects of the work several months down the line.’

Creating Orangeries In Warwickshire

Creating orangeries in Warwickshire and throughout the country is our passion and we truly believe that the quality of builds that we produce illustrates this.

Working closely with our clients allows us to create exactly what they are looking for, whether it’s an orangery kitchen, an area to cultivate plants, a space for entertaining, or simply a room to sit and relax with family and friends.

Get In Touch 

If you are ready to improve your home with one of our orangeries, please get in touch on 01926 810 291 for a free, no-obligation discussion! We look forward to hearing from you!

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