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Is A Log Burner Appropriate For An Orangery?

Dec 6, 2022 | Orangery

A nice log burner is a great addition to any property. Much like our orangeries, they are highly attractive, as well as practical. We have been asked many times whether they are appropriate for an orangery and the answer is, simply, yes! Using a twin wall flue, they’re the ideal way to heat the space and they look beautiful. Let’s have a look at why they may be the perfect addition to an orangery.


Any disruption to heating your home, especially at this time of year, is very off-putting! So, you may find it surprising that a log burner can actually be considerably less disruptive than extending your current central heating system.
When extending your existing heating system, you need to add pipework and a radiator, or a few radiators, which can cause considerable disruption. You will also need to ensure that your current boiler and pump system can handle the extra heat output and run the length of the planned addition. With a fire, many of these things can be avoided.

Energy Prices

2022 has seen unprecedented increases in energy bills, and this has affected every home. Bruce Allen, Chief Executive Officer for Hetas, has advised that using a log burner could be a cheaper way to heat your property. He goes on to explain that ‘seasoned logs are ‘the cheapest domestic heating fuel after kerosene, costing homeowners 10.37p per kWh versus 12.81p per kW for mains gas and 39.21p per kW for electricity’. Therefore, if you are looking for an effective (and stylish) way to lower your energy bills, this could be the ideal solution for you!

Log Burner Aesthetics

As well as fewer disruptions and lower energy bills, a log burner is also a beautiful addition to your property. There are numerous ways in which you can bring a log-burning fire into your home. They can be a fantastic match for our modern, aluminium builds or perfect for a traditional, hardwood construction.
With so many styles of fireplaces and burners on the market, you’re sure to find the perfect option for you. Remember that all of our builds are bespoke, so you can choose an option that suits your burner the best, or, if you have found your dream fireplace, we can design your orangery around that!
Finally, whilst natural light will fill your orangery during the day, you will need something to light the structure up in the evenings. A wood burner is a fantastic way to do so! The flames create beautiful lighting, perfect for snuggling up with the family or enjoying a romantic evening at home. You can make your orangery a truly special room with the help of a log burner!

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In the meantime, you can learn more about how we build your orangery here, and source inspiration from our online gallery, Instagram and Facebook.