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Exploring Different Orangery Designs

Oct 10, 2022 | Orangery

Here at Farrow & Jones, we create bespoke orangeries to your exact specifications. We can take you through different kinds of orangery designs so that you can source inspiration and work out what suits your individual taste. Then, we will bring it all together through a cohesive, final design and get to building! This process gives you so much creative freedom, but we know that, with so many possibilities, it can initially feel overwhelming, so we’ve put together a handful of ideas to get you started.

Kitchen Extensions

Using your orangery as an extension of your kitchen is a very popular option, it looks incredible and gives you a fantastic space for entertaining, or simply enjoying family meals. You can check out this case study on our website to learn more about the process. This choice gives you a large, spacious addition to your home, allowing for distinct cooking, dining and relaxing areas.

Once your new orangery has been built, you will need to make sure that your kitchen complements its beautiful design. No problem! We can also design and fit your kitchen for you!

When considering orangery designs you need to keep planning permission in mind. Fortunately, with a kitchen extension, you may not need planning permission at all! However, if your design does require this, we are happy to help and complete all the relevant paperwork for you. This is one of the many ways that we ensure a stress-free build!

Modern And Classic Orangery Designs

This is one of the first basic style questions that you need to ask yourself: do you prefer modern or classic orangery designs, or would you prefer a bit of both? Once you have this decision made, it will be easier for you to design how you want your orangery built and how you will decorate it.
For a modern look, you could opt for one of our aluminium orangeries. They are durable, contemporary and could either be built from scratch or could be a renovation of an existing structure.
Hardwood orangery designs are a classic option, which give your property a whole new lease of life, but with a traditional aesthetic. You could pair this with exposed brick exterior walls and decorative cornice inside!
When making this decision, you need to consider the appearance of your existing property. You need to choose a style that will complement your home. We can source materials that are the perfect match, extending your property seamlessly.

Positioning Your Orangery

You need to decide where your orangery will be positioned. With so much glass, you need to keep temperature in mind! We would suggest south-east or south-west facing; this allows the space to warm up and cool down appropriately throughout the day.
Remember to consider the sunshine when decorating. Soft furnishings can help the place to feel warm and inviting, but they are also more likely to fade if sitting directly in the light all day. Of course, curtains or blinds can solve this problem immediately!
If you’re unsure about where to position your orangery, we are here to advise!

Create Your Orangery

We would suggest that the first step you take when thinking about orangery designs is to explore what’s already out there. You can do this by ordering one of our free brochures, exploring our past projects, and following us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. If you have come up with some ideas, then book a design consultation.